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News groupie

It’s been made official. Meredith Vieira is leaving the Today show. I know, I know. I’ve said here more than once that I would no longer be watching Today. Ridiculous stories, misspelled captions, grammatical mistakes by Weekend Today anchors, and a few by Meredith during the week. Too many stories about people with screwdrivers in their skulls or animals with special talents. It really has gotten unbearable—almost.

The closest I'll ever get to snuggling up to Matt Lauer

There’s one major reason I still watch:  Matt Lauer. I love Matt Lauer. He’s a talented journalist and a skilled anchor who displays an appropriate mix of seriousness and humor on camera. He isn’t afraid of asking the tough questions and does his best with what he has to work with.

In one-on-one interviews, Matt Lauer shows he can relate to just about anyone, showing not only that he has done his homework, but that he has keen insights into what makes people tick. Whether he’s interviewing the President of the United States or a seasoned rocker (I loved his recent  interview with Steven Tyler, by the way), we walk away better knowing the interviewee. And I hope it’s safe to say, I’ve got a little crush.

And, because his assets far outweigh the show’s liabilities, I continue to watch. Plus, I have the power of the remote. When an animal or a screwdriver-through-the-head story comes on, I have the power to mute or to switch.

I’ve never been a Meredith fan, so I didn’t choke up when she made her tearful announcement this morning. I never got the sense there was much chemistry there during the last five years anyway.

Ann Curry, another talented and serious newsperson, will be sliding over into Meredith’s chair.

Even though the team of news directors and producers and writers will probably remain the same, I have a feeling that, come June, I might be doing a little less muting and switching.

Yet, I’ll say right now that, wherever in the world Matt goes, I’ll follow. I hope he never leaves. It just doesn’t get any better than beginning a work day with Matt Lauer and ending it with Brian Williams. If only I could do that in person.


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Metaphorically mis-speaking

Did you ever hear a string of words coming out of your mouth and then wish you could inhale them back in before they reached anyone else’s ears? Not because you want to savor them but because they didn’t come out the way they should have?

I’m not referring to rude or hurtful comments or words that come back to bite us; just words that inadvertently come out the wrong way—maybe the wrong metaphor or worse, an unsavory one.

I heard both within just a few seconds on this morning’s local news.

The local NBC news team was doing a segment on the DC101 Chili Cook-Off, coming up in Washington on May 21st. In advance of the annual event, WRC, the local NBC affiliate, held a promotional chili tasting in the NBC cafeteria.

Setting up the piece, WRC anchor Kimberly Suiters announced to viewers that seeing all the chili “will wet your whistle.”

I assume—I hope—she knew as soon as she uttered those words that what she meant to say was “whet your appetite.” I’ve never known chili to wet one’s whistle. Water wets a whistle or, metaphorically speaking, quenches one’s thirst. Honest mistake, but also an opportunity to point out here that it is whet one’s appetite, not wet one’s appetite. FYI, to whet is to sharpen or to stimulate.

Suiters then threw it to reporter Jim Handly, who surely cringed when he heard himself announce that the Cook-Off would feature “chili out the wazoo.” Not exactly a visual DC101 was aiming for, I suspect.

I vote for giving these two metaphorical mulligans.

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Unable to even spell TiVO, if I don’t watch something when it airs, I don’t see it.  When I get to see a show I like, it’s an extra special treat. 

I am out of town many Thursdays, so it’s rare when I get to view all that great programming everyone raves about.

Last night I watched a show I swore I’d watch every week when it premiered last fall.  I am still laughing. 

I first watched NBC’s Community because I am wholly devoted to Chevy Chase.  I recall it got terrible reviews but, no surprise, I loved it.  I just never saw it again for whatever reason. 

If you’re re a fan you already know the premise – it involves seven students belonging to a Spanish study group at a community college.  Community features a stellar cast.  Chevy Chase plays the former head of a moist towelette company and a member of the study group.  

The Spanish class is taught by Señor Chang who in last night’s episode reveals that he lacks the credentials to be a Spanish instructor and confesses he has been getting by on phrases from Sesame Street.  Oops; hope you hadn’t DVR’ed it.

In a separate plot line, one of the characters is defending his choice to stay in school instead of taking a job as a plumber.  He finishes his list of reasons for getting an education with “so I can understand HBO.”

Personally, I find the writing clever but there are other reasons the show speaks to me.  I was a Spanish major in college.  I also relate on an uncomfortable level to the character Annie, a Type-A optimist for whom the study group is the biggest part of her social life.   And I love moist towelettes.

Next week is the season finale and I’ll have to miss it.  I’ve seen two episodes, the first one and now the penultimate.   I guess this means I’ll have a summer of reruns to look forward to–provided I can become best friends with someone who has TiVO.


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