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Extreme Fletchercise

As Americans learned more about vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan over the weekend, it was most likely intended that we each find something about the man we could relate to. I know I did.

Yesterday’s Washington Post reported:

“In his private life, Ryan pursues the hobbies of an everyman with an overachiever’s zeal. He sweats through grueling ‘P90x’ workouts in the House gym. He beats other legislators in contests to recite the most lines from ‘Fletch.’ And he fishes for catfish – with his bare hands.”

I’d take him. In a Fletch-off, that is. I’m not proud of this, but I’ve got the whole movie memorized. I even have an autograph that Chevy Chase wrote to me in 1988, suggesting I name my unborn baby Fletch. No kidding.

Well, good as Paul Ryan may be, I can’t imagine him and his fellow legislators vying for such a distinction as reciting the most lines from this zany movie. Or maybe I can.

Call me crazy, but this might just unlock the secret to bipartisan civility. Visualize House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, sitting with the Committee’s ranking Democrat, Rep. Chris Van Hollen, in the Members’ Dining Room.

Ryan: I’ll have a Bloody Mary and a steak sandwich, and a steak sandwich.
Van Hollen: Just get me a glass of hot fat. And bring me the head of Alfredo Garcia.

The two finish lunch and part with a tee-hee about Dr. Rosenpenis in the Records Room.

I dare Congressman Ryan to work a line into his acceptance speech at the GOP convention, or maybe in his debate against Vice President Biden. Perhaps, if backed into a corner on how he’d pay for further tax cuts, he can reply simply, “Put it on the Underhills’ bill.”


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Unable to even spell TiVO, if I don’t watch something when it airs, I don’t see it.  When I get to see a show I like, it’s an extra special treat. 

I am out of town many Thursdays, so it’s rare when I get to view all that great programming everyone raves about.

Last night I watched a show I swore I’d watch every week when it premiered last fall.  I am still laughing. 

I first watched NBC’s Community because I am wholly devoted to Chevy Chase.  I recall it got terrible reviews but, no surprise, I loved it.  I just never saw it again for whatever reason. 

If you’re re a fan you already know the premise – it involves seven students belonging to a Spanish study group at a community college.  Community features a stellar cast.  Chevy Chase plays the former head of a moist towelette company and a member of the study group.  

The Spanish class is taught by Señor Chang who in last night’s episode reveals that he lacks the credentials to be a Spanish instructor and confesses he has been getting by on phrases from Sesame Street.  Oops; hope you hadn’t DVR’ed it.

In a separate plot line, one of the characters is defending his choice to stay in school instead of taking a job as a plumber.  He finishes his list of reasons for getting an education with “so I can understand HBO.”

Personally, I find the writing clever but there are other reasons the show speaks to me.  I was a Spanish major in college.  I also relate on an uncomfortable level to the character Annie, a Type-A optimist for whom the study group is the biggest part of her social life.   And I love moist towelettes.

Next week is the season finale and I’ll have to miss it.  I’ve seen two episodes, the first one and now the penultimate.   I guess this means I’ll have a summer of reruns to look forward to–provided I can become best friends with someone who has TiVO.


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