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Unable to even spell TiVO, if I don’t watch something when it airs, I don’t see it.  When I get to see a show I like, it’s an extra special treat. 

I am out of town many Thursdays, so it’s rare when I get to view all that great programming everyone raves about.

Last night I watched a show I swore I’d watch every week when it premiered last fall.  I am still laughing. 

I first watched NBC’s Community because I am wholly devoted to Chevy Chase.  I recall it got terrible reviews but, no surprise, I loved it.  I just never saw it again for whatever reason. 

If you’re re a fan you already know the premise – it involves seven students belonging to a Spanish study group at a community college.  Community features a stellar cast.  Chevy Chase plays the former head of a moist towelette company and a member of the study group.  

The Spanish class is taught by Señor Chang who in last night’s episode reveals that he lacks the credentials to be a Spanish instructor and confesses he has been getting by on phrases from Sesame Street.  Oops; hope you hadn’t DVR’ed it.

In a separate plot line, one of the characters is defending his choice to stay in school instead of taking a job as a plumber.  He finishes his list of reasons for getting an education with “so I can understand HBO.”

Personally, I find the writing clever but there are other reasons the show speaks to me.  I was a Spanish major in college.  I also relate on an uncomfortable level to the character Annie, a Type-A optimist for whom the study group is the biggest part of her social life.   And I love moist towelettes.

Next week is the season finale and I’ll have to miss it.  I’ve seen two episodes, the first one and now the penultimate.   I guess this means I’ll have a summer of reruns to look forward to–provided I can become best friends with someone who has TiVO.


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