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Your comments on each day’s post are what make Word Nymph the virtual playgound for wordies.  Please keep these coming.

If you have comments about the blog in general–overall impressions, why you read it, how you use it, what makes it different from other word blogs, suggestions for improvement or ideas for future topics–feel free to post them here and, if you like, include a bit of information about yourself.  Thanks for playing!

In the meantime, read what the US Airways in-flight magazine said in its November 2010 issue, in response to readers’ submitting their favorite blogs: 

Ellen likes, a blog about language. She describes it as “humorous, clean, well-written, and entertaining.” Ellen is right: This is an excellent site for anyone interested in words. One of the first things we noticed was the blogger’s preference that the magazine Real Simple be titled Really Simple instead.

20 responses to “Readers’ Comments

  1. dave

    Word Nymph explores with grace and a gentle wit subjects that would have grammar-Nazis seething in fury. A daily (Sundays excepted, natch) must-read.

    dave w
    age over 60
    Gentleman of Leisure (retired software engineer)
    Fairfax, VA

  2. Sheree Moyer

    I love the English language and thought myself a grammar junkie until I started reading Word Nymph. Now I know I am ignorant of many rules (nervous just writing this!) and I must read daily to get my lessons. Word Nymph often starts my day with a giggle and new insight into our wonderful, ridiculous language. I recommend her blog to all.

    Sheree Moyer, Owner
    Books & Beyond Bookkeeping Company
    for Small Business Accounting

  3. I LOVE jump starting my day with Word Nymph- it’s a light hearted, often laugh out loud and insightful read. Your creativity, wit and self-deprecating sense of humor never disappoint!! I describe myself more as a “foodie” than a “wordie”, none the less appreciate how you weave your expertise into such diverse topics. WN’s followers are comparably interesting as I enjoy reading their comments as well. I value your ability to educate and simultaneously entertain; yours is the only blog I read on a daily basis. Keep up the great work!!

    Rodanthe Lengle
    Fast approaching 50
    Alpha Omega Professional Coaching, LLC
    Annapolis MD

  4. William Greene

    Each day is greeted with the refreshing inciteful thoughts from an ingenious mind. A pleasure of facts, instruction and stories with wit.
    No idea how this will turn out in the long run, but the first 100 days have been a joy.

    Bill Greene
    Age 69
    Aspiring Super Senior Golfer
    Burke VA and Garden City Beach SC

  5. Paul Pinkston

    I’m a techie with an etymology fetish, who is just anal enough to be really irritated when words are used incorrectly. The Word Nymph really tickles my fancy.

    Some articles are about everyday life and I feel a kinship to her experiences, but I especially enjoy the blogs that get into the nitty-gritty of the word usage and sentence structure.

  6. Lou

    Lou Rozier
    Age 58
    Retired Federal employee
    Pittsboro, NC

    Word Nymph has really enhanced my life in retirement – I look forward to each post for the knowledge and/or humor that are always present. I pat myself on the back when a lesson imparted is one I know and apply. I give myself a “slap on the wrist” when I find I have been one of the “offenders” in failing to follow proper rules of grammar.

    I also enjoy all of the “pop culture” references in the blog – they make me feel more “connected” to the real world since retirement…

    I vote for continuing this wonderful resource!

  7. Polly

    I have been a long-time word geek, which led to my profession. Luckily the internet has allowed me to find fellow linguaphiles — one of the best would be Word Nymph.

    Although I am relatively new to this listserv, the humor that accompanies the solid grammatical and etymological information keeps me coming back time and time again.

    I will certainly incorporate some of WN’s posts in my lessons. Kids want to know language is LIVING, not dead and buried in some grammar book! Plus, it will hopefully keep me from making blunders.

    Polly Hanson
    Age 41
    Frewsburg, NY
    English teacher

  8. Sara

    As a fellow grammar nazi and I Love Lucy fan, I get a laugh every day from your posts. I know every day I can click over to Word Nymph on my feed reader and spend a few minutes with a talented, witty writer. Hope you keep it up!

    Sara Ickow
    Age 23
    Intern, National Portrait Gallery
    Silver Spring, MD

  9. I’m not a grammar nazi and I personally hate and detest them. But I have been an editor for more than 20 years in the past 32 years of my professional life, and I wished someone like you could have come work for me in the past. Alas, I’ve moved on to more profitable pastures as a printbroker. So there.

  10. Sorry, I forgot to mention about myself.

    Robert Lee
    Age 50
    Hong Kong

  11. Gus

    Good grief! When was the rule changed (started off typing “when were the rules” lol thanks Monica) regarding double space after a period? (Sigh) I am out of the loop and doubt that any recovery program will be able to change my habit of double spacing.

    In fact, have accidently deleted a voicemail before listening to it by the “double tap.” Anyone else?

    Finally I understand the phrase “shot myself in the foot” has come to mean something entirely different than originally. And I am sure that the same is true for “soup/grammar/etc-Nazis” but find the use of the “N” word troublesome and offensive. Dear WN, am I being too sensitive?


  12. chris

    OH NO!!

    This purge? Does it mark the end of the Pussy Cat Lounge as we know and love it?

    • Not at the moment. The items that came out where under the eaves, where the A/C will go. but now that you mention it . . . You will have to come up and enjoy it at least once more just in case.

  13. Kacy

    I’ve only just found your blog and am already in love with it! I have decided to start from the beginning to get caught up – it’ll be my daily treat when the kids are napping.
    Thank you!

  14. Kathy

    You mean I need not continue to apologize for insisting on correct subjunctive in my past life? (“Please, dear students, do not go the way of US television.”)

    Thank you, witty and wry Word Nymph, for keeping us well organized grammatically while laughing. Congratulations!

    Silver Spring, MD

  15. Lesley Furton

    With regard to “Cousins” for the May 27 Blog. It is so interesting reading the other point of view. I would say it was the other way around. I recall always looking up to my older cousin–who didn’t seem to get in the predicaments that my “look before you leap” way of life. I remember trying to be as grown up and sophisticated as she was. The perfume incident is a perfect example of that. I also must confess it wasn’t long before my mother had a talk with me to let me know that there was such a thing as wearing too much perfume.
    In our two families, slanted 2 to 1 in favor of boys, Monica was the one, the only one, I could count on for advice. I have never regretted following it. It was she who advised me to start my University studies by taking some philosophy classes. Little did either of us realize how much following her advice to determine the direction that my life has taken. Thank you Monica! (P.S. That cute dress was probably first yours)

    • Lesley, Thanks for your comments. You’ll be amused that, in my later years, I’ve lept much before I’ve looked. You need only look under the Foibles and Faux Pas category on this blog to read the stories. In other words, there’ve been so many, they merit their own category. I think we both need to get new dresses and have a reunion. Much love to you!

  16. You mentioned the other evening that you were still posting a few times a week. I had not seen a post for quite a while. I did not unsubscribe, so can you confirm if I am still on your list of subscribers. Happy to subcribe again, if needed. Meanwhile, I will catch up with what I seem to have been missing.

  17. I cannot find the place where I am supposed to give you my suggestion for the bloggers special possession so I shall place it here:

    My Camera


    The Lioness aka Judy

    • Thank you, Ms. Lioness, or Judy. You can comment directly below an individual blog post, below the tags, where it says “Leave a reply.” Thanks for your suggestion and thanks for reading and commenting.

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