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Chat it up

There’s a new blog I’ve started reading; I thought you might like it too. It’s a football blog.

I know, I’m not much of a sports fan, and I know next to nothing about football.

I do enjoy good writing, though, and I’m learning that sports writing is different from regular writing. Style guidelines are different—numerals are permitted within text and there’s a whole field of vernacular out there with which I’m unfamiliar.

Word Nymph is going into a busy work period these next few weeks, and could do with a lighter writing schedule. So today, I’ll point you to another blog. Chat Sports covers professional and college football, basketball, baseball and hockey. The San Francisco-based company encourages sports audience interaction through social networking and news on team-specific websites.

A couple of weeks ago, my son, an avid sports fan and recent college graduate, signed on part time with Chat Sports as a writer covering the Baltimore Ravens. He has written three columns to date which, if I understood the content, I’d find entertaining and insightful.

Check out his writer page, get to know him, read his posts, drop him a comment. Or jump into the chat on the ChatRavens page.

Yes, we’re still a Redskins family. But it’s fun to have another team to follow. Now if I could just understand what they’re doing out there on the field.


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Marathon man

He has run four marathons in the last five months.

He has run 35 marathons in the last 14 years, plus several 30-milers, many 50-milers and a 60-miler.

He sometimes has trouble getting up and down the stairs, but he manages to run some 50 miles a week.

He is my husband and today he is 62.

Hey, if you were married to me, you’d run too!

Happy birthday to my husband. Have an ultra great day.


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Root root root

You might have noticed one topic that hasn’t been written about in this place:  sports.

That’s because I am uncomfortable writing about things I don’t know anything about.  When the topic comes up in conversation, I can usually get by with an observational nod or hmmm, then I excuse myself to the ladies room.  My lack of knowledge makes me feel like an outsider and my fear of embarrassment makes me want to run for my life before being asked my opinion on something.

Last night I went to a Washington Nationals game.

My husband rushed to buy tickets for this particular game on a hot rumor that some person named Strasburg was going to be pitching and that the game would sell out within hours.  My husband’s instinct was right.  The game sold out before the end of the day we ordered our tickets.

I don’t know a Strasburg from a Stradivarius but I did know that this rumor was akin to hearing that a rock and roll concert coming to town would feature a surprise appearance by Elvis (I was going to say John Lennon but John Lennon is dead).

Anyway, this Strasburg person didn’t pitch before the crowd of nearly 34,000 fans in the Nats’ shiny new stadium last night.  Rumor has it that he’ll be there later this week.

That’s OK.  I still got what I go to baseball games for—a hot dog and ice cream. 

I do enjoy listening to people talk about baseball.  I am impressed when they can throw around stats that they carry around in their heads and I confess I find it exciting to hear about a diving catch, a clutch hit or a golden sombrero.  What, that’s not a tequila drink?

The problem is, with the exception of the hot dog and ice cream, I find watching baseball exceptionally boring.  The skill and nuance are lost on me.  I don’t see the diving catch even when it happens right in front of me, which, according to this morning’s paper, it did.

Another thing.  I don’t know if it’s Washington fans in general or just a coincidence that I’ve seen this at Nationals and Redskins games alike, but I always seem to be seated among loud, obnoxious twenty-something males, full of Budweiser, who yell insults at the opposing team.  Again, it might just be coincidence.  It’s just that I haven’t seen it in the baseball stadium in the next city over.

So let’s bring out Strasburg already and Go Nats.

Word Nymph returns Monday.  Tomorrow she’ll still be taking flak from her family for this piece.


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