Marathon man

He has run four marathons in the last five months.

He has run 35 marathons in the last 14 years, plus several 30-milers, many 50-milers and a 60-miler.

He sometimes has trouble getting up and down the stairs, but he manages to run some 50 miles a week.

He is my husband and today he is 62.

Hey, if you were married to me, you’d run too!

Happy birthday to my husband. Have an ultra great day.


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6 responses to “Marathon man

  1. guillaume

    Congratulations, what an exceptional husband you have !!

  2. That is so inspiring to read! Happy B-day


  3. Kathleen

    Run Marty Run!
    Happy Birthday!

  4. Marty Welch

    And I have the very best wife out there. I am a blessed man.

  5. Patsy Grady Abrams

    Happy Birthday Marty and we are very lucky to have both of you in our lives.

  6. Polly

    Happy birthday, Marty!

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