I knew I loved Matt Lauer.

This morning on Today, following a preview of this year’s commercials appearing during the Super Bowl—one starring Matthew Broderick—it was revealed shamefully that Matt Lauer had never seen Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Neither have I. It was also revealed that he had never seen Star Wars. Neither have I.

Okay, technically, I did see Star Wars. I was in the theater while it played in its opening week in 1977. But I hated it so much within the first few minutes that I closed my eyes and tried to sleep while the noise gave me a pounding headache that lasted through the weekend. My father, who had taken my brothers and me to see the movie, walked out in the first 15 minutes and spent the rest of the movie in the lobby of the theater.

Matt Lauer has always been my TV personality crush. His picture was posted on the Wall of Men in my office before I redecorated. My husband, God love him, gave me the Matt Lauer magazine cover for my little beefcake display.

I identify with Matt’s germophobia, I love how he both idolizes the greats he interviews and doesn’t let them evade the tough questions. I love the way he dresses. And I love how this TV personality has almost no personality. And now I love his taste in movies.

And I love that my husband helps indulge my little crush.

Come to think of it, I once took him to meet his TV news crush, Paula Zahn, when she hosted CBS This Morning. That’s a story for another day.


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3 responses to “Idolatry

  1. chris

    I once dated a woman who had all the Star Wars movies on tape and watched them repeatedly. I tried. Lord how I tried, But fell asleep out of absolute boredom twenty minutes into this classic.

    Thinking it might be the wine or the time of day, I suggested a morning showing and that didn’t work either. I never made t to Harrison Ford who I assume made the film bearable.

  2. Mom

    As I recall, we all went together at Virginia Beach Star Wars. I stayed on with your brothers and enjoyed it. As I recall.

    And neither did I see Ferris B.

    • Mom

      Please insert {to see) where I obviously left it out. As you can clearly see, we both have the ‘no typo errors allowed” gene!

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