Sole food

Does this chilly January morning find Jack Frost nibbling your nose?

While watching news coverage of the New Hampshire primary over breakfast yesterday, I gagged on a banner caption that read:

Paul nibbling Romney’s heels

Once I got the unseemly visual out of my drowsy head, my next reaction was to laugh at the mixed-up phrase. In the race for the GOP nomination, Ron Paul is, figuratively, of course, “nipping at” Mitt Romney’s heels, not nibbling them.

Before I sent an e-dig to a friend who I knew was working on location for the station I was watching, I thought I’d better dig a little deeper. It seems the only error the station made was not putting the nibbling reference in quotes–and perhaps omitting “at.” Paul indeed said in a post-primary speech, “We’re nibbling at his heels.” (Again with the “we.”)

This might be the first time a candidate put his opponent’s foot in his mouth.


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10 responses to “Sole food

  1. Penny

    I don’t gag at the idea of nibbling someone’s heels (hey, kinky!), but I did nearly gag at the illustration you used. Where did you find it?

  2. Sheree Moyer

    Ditto on the photo!! EWWWWWW, Shutter to think which keywords were required. 🙂

  3. Sheree Moyer

    oops! Shudder 🙂

  4. John

    Mmmmm, makes me want to fire up the grill!

  5. Dennis Jones

    Talk about put their feet to the fire.

  6. Anita Lawson

    I wondered why no one had commented on such an obvious malapropism!

  7. Ellen

    I agree with the comments about your photo. I might print out a copy and tape it to my fridge. It will stop me from snacking, or, should I say, nibbling.

  8. Marty Welch

    How disgusting…

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