No skivvies, no service

From the flaky folks who banned the Happy Meal – a new piece of legislation that makes so much sense it’s ridiculous.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors will consider legislation requiring naked people to place something under their bottoms when they sit in public or eat in a restaurant. Let’s hope the bill goes so far as to prohibit that something from being a restaurant-issued napkin. Ewww. Double ewww.

The legislation was introduced by Supervisor Scott Wiener (of course). I assume Clerk Johnson entered it into the record.

Wiener is a new board member who took his seat earlier this year, presumably donning drawers. Wiener represents a nudist-friendly district so, au naturally, is behind nudists’ rights. However, he felt that public parading of privates had gotten out of hand—that hanging out unharnessed posed health concerns.

I’ve taken the liberty of crafting a campaign slogan for Member Wiener’s initiative. This can be cross-stitched on a 12-inch square linen, which doubles beautifully as a sampler and a can cozy.

If you sit down,
dining in town,
Be a chum
And shroud your bum.


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6 responses to “No skivvies, no service

  1. Marty Welch

    I am not touching this one

  2. Marty Welch

    I guess bars could always provide cans of disinfectant.

  3. Sharon

    I don’t understand why San Francisco McDonald’s don’t just reduce the price of a toyless Happy Meal by 50 cents, and then sell the toy separately for 50 cents with purchase of a Happy Meal. We don’t eat at McDonald’s, but I used to occasionally go to our local one when my kids were little and buy the toys separately for a dollar or two.

  4. Katherine

    HA! You are on FIRE today! I LOL’d!

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