Acute ailurophilia

In 415 blog posts I haven’t yet written about my cats. Sure, I’ve mentioned Ricky and Lucy a time or two, but they’ve never been the subject of the blog. There’s a reason for that.

Six-and-a-half years ago, a wise person cautioned me that people who talk about their pets are boring. I don’t necessarily agree but–except in the most personal company–I’ve  borne that advice in mind.

That wise person was my son. When my husband and I began thinking of getting a pet after not having had one, we consulted our son, primarily because he suffered from allergies. He said he’d support our getting a cat under the firm condition that we not become “pet people.”

To his mind, “not being pet people” came in two parts: not talking about pets to anyone and not putting their pictures on Christmas cards.

I honored this condition for a while but, when our son went off to college, Ricky and Lucy achieved human status and bumped him from his place in the household hierarchy. Yes, I’m a Crazy Cat Lady–what of it?

Last week I noticed a blog featured on Freshly Pressed, WordPress’ selection of best posts. It caught my eye because it didn’t include more than a few words. Simply, there were pictures of cats. Lots of pictures of cats. Cute and funny pictures of cats. Here, have a look.

I thought, if the good people at WordPress deemed this sweet display worthy of featuring, then I might be free to express my ailurophilia for just one day in this space, usually devoted to the written word.

Meet Lucy, who likes helping me in the office:

Now meet Ricky, who works feats of marvel and self incarceration:

Please don’t unsubscribe. I’ll be back with words next time.


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9 responses to “Acute ailurophilia

  1. Bruce McGuire

    Today’s post was a complete catastrophe. Loved it!

  2. love the pics…adorable kitty cats…sometimes a picture is worth a 1000 words 🙂

  3. Marty Welch

    Ricky the dude!

  4. Emily

    Crazy Cat Lady status is not reached until you have 5 cats, so you are safe on that count. I love Facebook because I can bore people with pictures of my cats and grandchildren and if they don’t want to see them, they can just ignore them. Unlike that poor guy on the plane who has to sit through my entire slide show (just kidding, although I have been tempted to use the threat as a way to get someone to stop talking to me.)

  5. Sheree Moyer

    They are too darned cute! Must take after their mama. You are adorable, even if you are a crazy cat lady. Loved the blog.

    • Thanks for your nice comments. There are hundreds more where those came from; in fact, I produced cat calendars for three or four consecutive years, then stopped when I realized the pics I was taking with my phone aren’t print quality 😦

      Those critters are always posing!

  6. Sue Boltz

    Great pics! Loved it.

  7. ruth

    I love the pictures of your cats! They are such cute characters! Cats have their own individual personalities.

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