Fowl play

A year ago, three days before Thanksgiving, I facilitated a medical  meeting at a large urgent care center. As I was setting up for the program, the meeting coordinator and I were exchanging pleasantries, mostly about the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

I asked her if the center was expecting to be busy on the holiday. I thought this was a logical question. She just looked at me as if I had three heads and said, no, that she couldn’t imagine why that would be the case.

Huh. I would have thought, based on our family’s experience, that urgent care centers would be staffing up and stocking up with extra bandages, sutures, balms and epinephrine.

I recall a time when one kind of accident or another defined Thanksgiving tradition. One year it was a severe oven burn. Another it was a deep laceration caused by a broken glass concealed in a sink full of dish suds. Once—though on a different holiday, perhaps July 4th—someone drank bug spray. Another time one of my cousins nearly lost a toe, though I can’t recall exactly how.

When I look back, one memorable Thanksgiving springs to mind. Thankfully, no humans were harmed.

My mother had just moved into a house in Arizona with slick terra cotta floor tiles that ran from the kitchen to the bedroom area.

We were roasting a large turkey, which neither of us could lift alone. When it came time to remove it from the oven, my mother and I each took an end of the roasting pan. On the count of three we would lift it to the stove top. One, two, oops, one of us dropped her end. The roasting pan toppled and the turkey was ejected, landing on the slick tiles with such force that it turned the corner and slid down the hall toward the bedrooms.

That might have been the first time I heeded the 10-second rule; hey, what’s a little desert dust?

Bon appétit. Et soyez sûr.


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4 responses to “Fowl play

  1. One Thanksgiving my entire family from Phila. came here to celebrate. I left the turkey out for awhile to defrost. My husband thought that we might get sick from this and unknown to me he took the bird to a neighborhood dumpster and threw it in. He proceeded to go and buy another frozen bird and he and my brother-in-laws stayed up all night trying to defrost this new bird. When I found out, I told him that this was grounds for a divorce but 53 years later we are still together for Thanksgiving. Oh by the way, 18 of us went out for dinner on that Thanksgiving.

  2. Sheree

    The first turkey I ever made a cooked with the giblets still inside and the turkey upside down!! Juiciest turkey ever! Did not look really pretty though 🙂

  3. Mom

    What a memory you have! Wish you were here in Arizona again and that we could have a little run-through just for nostalgia’s sake…And, incidentally, what exactly IS the 10-second rule?

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