Hi ho silver

This is a big week. In addition to Thanksgiving, my husband and I are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. That’s the silver one.

It’s been a great run so far, but frankly I don’t think I am old enough to be celebrating 25 years of marriage.

My husband and I celebrated last weekend in New York City. We stayed up late, walked for miles and hung out with our young peers. We saw a Broadway show, had great meals and hit some swanky night spots. Very different from  any prior mental image I’d had of such an occasion.

The first silver anniversary celebration I remember was that of my Aunt Mary Lee and Uncle Henry. And they were ancient; I think Aunt Mary Lee was 43. From what I remember, the party room was full of old people dancing to old people’s music. I wore about six inches of crinoline and wondered if I would ever live long enough  to be married 25 years.

Here. See for yourself.


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7 responses to “Hi ho silver

  1. Marty

    Henry Weed…The Dude!

  2. Sheree

    Happy Anniversary to two of my favorite people! And you are right – those people look waaaaayyyy older than we do! 🙂

  3. Mom

    But wait… check out my bouffant hairdo! Who knew?

  4. Pat Abrams

    It was great to see MaryLee and Henry and I loved your Mom’s hairdo.

  5. Deirdre

    Wonderful pics! Happy 25!!

  6. Polly

    Congratulations! I remember your wedding — I danced all night. Oh and I still associate Starland Vocal Band with you.

  7. Monica – that little girl is you? What an interesting photo, and how you remember it. That is such an engaging, giving sense of you as you pay attention to and hold court for the women of cat eye spectacles. All best wishes to you and Marty! Loving catching up on your writing….wonderful.

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