Artifact check

A few months ago I threw out a question from my Facebook:  “What is the strangest combination of foods you’ve eaten when unusually low on groceries?”  The replies were hilarious.   

So here’s another one. 

Everyone has a magazine rack or basket of reading material in at least one room of the house.  In a shared space, it might contain material of interest to multiple household members.  I recently contemplated what the one in our house might reveal about our family if it were discovered after our hypothetical demise (or, less morbidly, what a passing stranger might learn).  I challenge you to do the same.

What is in your magazine rack and what, anthropologically speaking, might it say about you or your family?

I will start the bidding off with:  a book of New York Times crossword puzzles, Lake News by Barbara Delinsky (been there for seven years with a bookmark about 75 pages from the end), two back issues of Vanity Fair, a country ham catalog, the current issue of Playboy and A 40-Day Lenten Journey with Dietrich Bonhoeffer.  You tell me.


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9 responses to “Artifact check

  1. Noell Sottile

    Your collection makes ours look so boring in comparison!

  2. William Greene

    Lowe’s Creative Ideas catalog
    Vanguard Windsor II Fund Annual Report
    Mary Higgins Clark – I Heard That Song Before
    Weight Watchers five ingredients 15 minute cookbook
    USGA – The Rules of Golf
    The XM Channel Lineup
    Wii Fit Plus CD holder
    (realizing that if I got off my fixation with TV that I would not need to be consumed with dieting)

  3. Marty Welch

    Must be Joe’s Playboy…

  4. Jo

    Yikes, I have a basket in every room! One:
    -the aforementioned Bonhoeffer
    -The Help — Stockett
    -Crutchfield catalogue
    -Bon Appetite
    -Michelin road map for Germany, Austria, Czech Republic
    -AARP mag
    -Where’s Spot?
    -Arias for Tenors
    -Oct 2008 People mag with Paul Newman on the cover
    -Funny, You Don’t Look Like a Grandma
    (yes I do!)
    -Consumer Reports – best cars

    • Marty Welch

      Where’s Spot sounds interesting. Is this Spot of Dick and Jane fame?

      • Jo

        Dick and Jane?? You are showing your “old fart” side! And it takes one to know one.

        But no, it seems that new toddler-book writers still name their puppies Spot.

  5. Nice premise. In fact, we have the Bonhoeffer in the smallest room and Martha Stewart Living (Oct.’97) on the prie dieux.

  6. Michelle Strier

    That we rarely throw anything out;)

  7. Two issues of Arizona Highways
    Sports Illustrated 2010 Masters Preview
    Health Magazine featuring “Eat Your Way to Slim”
    Painless Spanish
    Fast Company Magazine
    Quilter’s Home Magazine
    Two more Arizona Highways
    ESPN Magazine featuring “Vancouver, Here they Come”
    Dance Studio Life Magazine
    2 issues of Fons & Porters Love of Quilting

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