Did you want to ask me that again?

Here is another grammatical trend I am betting you haven’t noticed but, once you do, you’ll hear it everywhere.  I hear it in restaurants all the time.

I say, I’d like a cup of coffee, please.”  The server asks, “Did you want cream?”

I reply “yes” but in my head I am sarcastically responding, “Yes, I DID and I still DO.”

When did we move from “Would you like” to “Did you want?”

Yes, I did want fries with that and, once that burger comes off the grill, I am pretty sure I will still want them.


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2 responses to “Did you want to ask me that again?

  1. Brian Taylor

    No, I didn’t want fries with that. I wasn’t hungry then. I do want them now though!

    This blog looks like a lot of fun Monica. I grew up mixing Spanish and English words together in all kinds of incomprehensible ways so maybe I’ll learn a few things about the English language.

  2. Dudley Wilson

    I am enjoying these, Monica…this last one made me laugh…this is the way I start my day…with you blog…mahalo…D

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