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Coming of age

Word Nymph has lived online for a whole month now.   That’s seven in blog years.

Her identity is evolving.  Before making her online debut, it took a month just to come up with a suitable name.  So what’s with this name, Word Nymph?  It must seem odd, especially to visitors who have recently stepped in.

The name was inspired by the purple-crowned wood nymph, a type of South American hummingbird.  There’s a loose parallel.  The Word Nymph speaks some Spanish and flaps her wings insanely fast, but it ends there.  Oh, and she likes purple.

The word “nymph” and the image it evokes—playful, not fully formed, like a fairy—comes from Greek mythology.

As the Word Nymph was creating her online persona, she imagined a park where all could play, squeal and intermingle over topics of common interest.   Words happen to be her fancy.

The Word Nymph also likes to laugh, mostly at herself, so she enjoys telling of her own ridiculous foibles and skewed observations. 

On this first day of May, she is thrilled to have so many playmates actively jumping in, bringing her grins and giggles every day.  She is looking forward to the summer, when she and her online buddies can kick off their Keds, nibble on Good Humor bars and keep up the folly.

Please remember – Word Nymph takes a break on Sundays.   Anyone for Swinging Statue?


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A game of imagination

Hey kids, it’s game time again.  Look and listen around you for misuse of the word “literally,” then take a moment to consider the image.  The following are examples my friends, family and I have heard over the years.  They have been stashed away in an imaginary treasure chest, until now.

“Our salesmen are literally walking encyclopedias.”

“I was literally glued to the television.”

“Books were literally flying off the shelves.”

“The words literally jumped off the page.”

“I was literally caught with my pants down.”

Ah, and to discover there’s a blog devoted solely to misuse of the word that, while not updated in a few months, illustrates (literally!) what such phrases would look like, including “he literally charmed the pants off of everyone,” as well as a spokesperson’s comment about Sarah Palin, “the world is literally her oyster.”  Take a look and let’s hope the blogger resumes soon with regular posts.

If you’ll excuse me, I literally have to fly.

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