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My edgy Valentine

At the risk of OD-ing on the whole Valentine’s Day thing—after all, it’s just one more in a long list of  over-blown occasions—I’ll offer one more resource for procrastinators who can manage to get a hold of one of these by Monday. Otherwise, consider them gift ideas for next year.

I’ve happened upon an addictive retail site associated with Trend Hunter magazine. At my age, I could always use a little extra help in hunting trends.

My favorite in their line of Valentine’s Day greeting ideas are the sarcastic holiday sentiments, tagline: The Snarky Valentine’s Day Cards, Skip the Sap.

If you have a naughty Valentine, consider the vulgar stuffed animals and sweets. Otherwise, there is close to something for everyone:  anti-Valentine’s Day toys, anatomical cupcakes (shaped like the human heart), flirty, lip-shaped fashion accessories, even tasty treats for your favorite Muppet fan.

It boggles my mind to see the hundreds of products available for a holiday that, early in my lifetime, was honored simply with a candy heart etched with “be mine” and punny cards, illustrated with puppies and fruit for classmates. “You’re dog-gone right, you’re my Valentine.” “You’re a peach and I’m plum crazy about you.”

Ah, the good old days.


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