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I’d tweet if it were discreet

They are called innermost thoughts for a reason. 

The mental health profession has long encouraged journaling as a form of self expression and discovery.  It enables healing, professionals claim.  I respectfully disagree.

One has only to recall the humiliation of a childhood diary read by another, or a time when one’s typed comments, intended for a narrow audience, were blasted more widely, to know that innermost thoughts should remain precisely that, innermost.

The modern age of the blogosphere has drawn out the gritty particles of private human feelings like sand from a pot of clams.  And thanks to the public’s warm embrace of reality TV, there’s an exploding consumer market based on assaulting human feelings through ridicule, humiliation and the troubling practice of voting off.

The booming practice of spewing one’s innermost feelings for all the world to witness seems to be feeding an equally booming population of consumers salivating to lap them up.  Is my observation true and, if so, then why in the name of Pete am I starting a blog?

Please tell me – does my Twitter make you titter or does my blog put you in a fog?  Is my Facebook Status merely an apparatus for sharing thoughts so mundane they drive my Friends insane?

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