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Slamming into Monday

Greetings from beside the imaginary water cooler. Or, if you’re under 50, the coffee pod brewer (I wish! As you know, I gave up coffee, 46 days ago, to be exact).

I work from home, and one of many things I miss about working in an office is gathering in the break room and hearing about everyone’s weekend.

In offices everywhere, Monday begins with, “What did you do this weekend?”

I sit here amazed at what I fit into mine and there’s no one here to share it with.

Between Friday and Sunday, I took a train home from a business meeting, ran errands, attended a photography exhibit downtown, served on our church’s altar guild (preparing altar candles, linens, silver and brass, both Saturday and Sunday), took two cats to the vet, went to a dinner party, went to church, did some work for hospice, worked the Sunday crossword puzzle, did several loads of laundry and prepped for a colonoscopy. (Hey, if Katie Couric can show it, I can say it.)

Bottom line: I slid into Monday in a daze. And now I am off again to, well, you know.


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