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Good Friday, good times

When my son was young, he and I used to have a traditional way of observing Good Friday. My employer gave us the day off every year, so I welcomed the chance for a mother-and-son day.

It wasn’t all solemn. We often played in the yard or at the park, visited the local pet store where they had baby bunnies available for petting, we visited the cheesy Easter Bunny at the mall and had a picture taken. Then we went to church in the evening, often counting daffodils and forsythia blossoms along the way.

 In those days, our church’s Good Friday service incorporated a solo liturgical dance performance, which my son called “the dancing man in the black pajamas.” Before the service was over, my son almost always fell asleep in the pew.

Good times.


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At last

It’s finally time to be serious. For nearly a month now, I have complained and laughed nervously about the madness that are the weeks leading up to Christmas.

It happens every year. I push myself past the limits to get everything done, to get everything just right. I complain about what the Christmas Season (Advent, really) has become, and then I fall right into it.

When Christmas—real Christmas—really settles in for me is at about four o’clock Christmas Eve, when I am sitting in church, quietly soaking up the peaceful music. I will have spent the day as a manic madwoman, yelling at everyone to get showered and out the door. I’ve been a monster. It’s my tradition.

It’s at four o’clock that I finally contemplate the wonder of what Christians have been celebrating for thousands of years. I think about peace. I feel the love of those around me. I’ve been known to doze for a moment.

Sometimes I think about Linus as he so calmly and thoughtfully answers Charlie Brown’s desperate question: “Isn’t there anyone who knows what Christmas is all about?” Linus says, “Sure, Charlie Brown, I can tell you what Christmas is all about.” I haven’t watched Linus’ recitation yet and not gotten choked up.

To those who observe Christmas, Christians and non-Christians alike, may you find meaning and hope in the holiday, peace in the celebration and rest from the madness of the past few weeks.

I’ll be taking a break from blogging tomorrow and Sunday. See you on Monday.


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