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As luck would have it

Over the weekend, I caught a television interview with NASCAR driver and owner Tony Stewart in which Stewart showed off a vast collection of two-dollar bills, which he displays in his trailer for good luck. If you are to believe him, it works. I know nothing about NASCAR and can’t vouch for the validity of his claim, but I did do some snooping and learned a bit more about the extent of this belief. I read that Stewart and other drivers believe very seriously in the two-dollar bill’s powers, to the extent that some have taken out their winnings in the denomination.

As I said, I have little interest in car racing, but I do find superstitions intriguing. After years and years of not even seeing a two-dollar bill, it happens that I received two in change for cash transactions in just over a week’s time; one the night before the Tony Stewart interview.

I remember when the bills were reintroduced into circulation in 1976. Their popularity lasted about as long as the Pet Rock. When that first two-noter was passed to me a week or so ago, I was eager to get rid of it. It just didn’t seem like real money, and was awkwardly out of place between the five and the ones in my wallet. Better to pass it on to some other poor sucker. Then the second one came my way, and then the interview, and then the curiosity that maybe there’s something to this silliness.

I plan to ignore Snopes, a rumor-busting website for which I have little regard, which states that two-dollar bills are actually believed to attract bad luck. No, I plan to keep this bill, maybe hang it on my office wall as seed money to attract good fortune. If I receive a third deuce, then I’ll know I’ve struck gold. Or at least four dollars that have gone unsquandered.

As the late Senator Everett Dirksen once observed, “a billion here, a billion there, pretty soon you’re talking real money.” Gotta start somewhere.


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