When I was young my father used to tell me the story of a professor who, after a lengthy absence—perhaps years—finally returned to the classroom, and began his lecture with “However, . .” You may know the story. I failed to find it on the internets, and my father, now 81, is on the road working, and I hesitate to interrupt him.

Four months since my last blog post, I shall begin this one with “Moreover, . . .”

The Word Nymph last laid on you a tale of woe, of illness and death and, my apologies, it has hung out here like a slab of decaying flesh since Memorial Day. Anyone visiting this place has read of my husband’s and my medical mysteries, our friend in the ICU, the passing of a cousin, and other sharp stones the universe has flung in our path.

Moreover, the friend died after seven months in the ICU, while the cousin’s brother died suddenly four months later, followed by two additional losses in the same family. A friend here and there also left this place and, sadly, there are others in the queue. Moreover, my mother is struggling to recover from a terrible tumble she took in August.

If you’ve become acquainted with the people I spoke of on May 31, you’ll be happy to know that the babies born four months premature are home and healthy as of this past week. I know I am.

As for my husband and me, we’re doing better. My body is functioning at full throttle and my husband’s brain waves, according to that zany take-home EEG, are hunky-dory.

I continue to suffer from a severe case of creative writer’s block, long unsuccessful at keeping the technical and scientific writing I do in my day job from infecting the right chamber, but we’ll get back to it, I promise.

However, I do have a new concern about my husband; perhaps you have some advice.

The last two mornings, I’ve gone downstairs to find him, instead of watching the news as usual, listening to the Carpenters’ greatest hits.

By the way, I know I misused “Moreover.” I just wanted to see if you were paying attention.


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9 responses to “Moreover

  1. Marty

    The husband needs to check out for awhile. He will take the Carpenters over Matt Lauer and the Boobsey Twins any day.

  2. John

    While we have missed your postings, your answer to greater callings: friend, caretaker, daughter, sister, funeral planner, meal provider and guardian angel, have been of more significance than a misused word. Peace to you both!

  3. Dan Ruskin

    The late, great, truly insane Professor Irwin Corey.

  4. Moreover, I find your use of ‘moreover’ is not incorrect … welcome back.

  5. The Bedazzled One

    Well, I must have been channeling Marty’s EEG waves, because I was singing “Close To You” all day yesterday!!! HAAH! How bout a few bars of Captain and Tenille!? Whatever it is that gets your fingers blazing a trail across the keyboard is fine by me. luv 2 u all xoxo

  6. Jo

    Moreover… welcome back. However… I think our creating neurons and coping neurons are intrinsically connected, so just let the juices flow whichever direction needs the most action.

  7. Marty

    Remember how Jack was able to make his work his art.

  8. Paul

    Marty is probably tied of hear about Ted Cruz’s so-called filibuster. However, “We’ve Only Just Begun.”

    Moreover, please ask him not to let the Rainy Days and Mondays get him down.

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