Flashionable accessories

Is it me or is it hot in here?

I was asking that question months before the 103-degree heat showed up.

To be sure, it’s me. (Actually, it’s I.)

One would think I’d have figured out by now that, at the moment the temperature in the room, in the car, in church, in a meeting, even at the podium, suddenly and without warning soars to a dangerous high, it’s me. But still I ask.

The bed bursts into flames at exactly 3:30 every morning. Every evening, simply sitting down to dinner triggers onset of SPP, or sudden projectile perspiration. Is it me or is it hot in here?

Recently, as I walked red-faced into my local GNC store, dripping on the counter, a young man smiled pitifully and walked me over to the women’s herbal products, where he made some helpful recommendations. Three weeks later, I’m still a raging inferno of Colorado proportions.

Yesterday, I went to the dollar store to find one of those handheld fans I swore I’d never carry. I bought one in every color. After all, mustn’t one’s peacock-embroidered purse fan always match her shoes?

Sisters, if that fashion trend doesn’t strike your fancy, how about this:  When the devil strikes, I take a washcloth from the stack in the refrigerator, drape it around my neck and attach it with a chip clip. For women our age, it’s the new black. Look for it on the cover of More magazine.


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8 responses to “Flashionable accessories

  1. Marty

    Start carrying a fan holster.

  2. Sheree Moyer

    Rolling on the floor laughing!!! Oh yeah, I can relate!!

  3. Joyce Oliner

    Just think of yourself as a lovely firefly, flashing hither and thither. At least, that’s what I tell myself. BTW, I want to see a photo of you with the washcloth and the chip clip.

  4. Mom

    Scary coincidence: I just ran through Tom’s house turning on anything even resembling a fan. And I so want to tell you that ‘this, too, shall pass,’ but you can count and you know that I am nearly 77 years old. I should have gotten past all this femmy stuff.

  5. Susan Oppenheimer

    Great Photo of Girl with fan. Hey I am going to try that stack of cloths in the icebox! Great idea and I just figured out what the chip clip is….movin’ on up! Glad you got your power on in every way, but mostly from that storm. Take care kiddo! Talk to you before too long!

  6. Katherine

    You look beautiful! And I love the washcloth/clip idea!

  7. Ann

    Too funny!! With all the bad news, politics, etc. for us to read, having words written that can make us laugh is a treat!

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