Wrap song

Here in the Eastern United States, October’s final week welcomes the brilliant colors of hardwood trees, the seasonal bloom of bushy chrysanthemums and the annual return of my favorite cold-weather symbol.

From the soft underbelly of the Himalayan yak to the vulnerable neck of the female human, comes one of the world’s most beautiful and utile inventions—the Pashmina.

The Pashminas were out in their vibrant glory this past weekend, as they should be.

I have several fringed rectangular scarves, though only three qualify as authentic Pashmina. But whether woven of this particular Asian cashmere or its synthetic sister, I’ll wear and enjoy each one throughout the season and, if I’m lucky, maybe even acquire a missing color.

Indulge me, if you would, in an ode:

You, oversized scarf, keep me toasty when you’re folded, twisted, swirled.
You protect me from the breezes, as a blanket, when unfurled.
O, Pashmina, dear woolen protector, without you how could I live?
Let us share our
ritual of sorting you by color, à la Roy G. Biv.

Ladies and gentlemen, feel free to add your own verse or salute your favorite article of autumnal attire.


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9 responses to “Wrap song

  1. sheree

    Oh Pashima of many colors
    You wrap me up like a hug
    And keep me warm and toasty
    As a cute little bug in a rug 🙂

  2. Steve Morrill

    Oh Pashima, how pretty you are
    If you came in manly colors
    I would wear you while smoking a cigar.

  3. Figured I’d try a haiku.

    autumn chill is here
    her beautiful neck exposed
    before pashmina

  4. Pashmina, I adore you
    for my wrinkled neck you hide.
    Wish you could disguise the rest of me,
    But you’re just not that wide.

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