Hello, nose. Meet grindstone.

No dessert until I finish my dinner.
No TV until I do my homework.
No shopping until I clean out my closet.
No new blog posts until I turn in my writing projects.

Sorry, I just had to put these declarations in writing. In front of a community of witnesses.

Actually, the grown-up version of that first one should be: No dessert if I finish my dinner. As far as those others go, it’s time to ramp up the self-discipline. I’m grateful to have a busy work schedule this Fall; much of it entails lots of writing.

Given looming deadlines and a busy travel schedule, it’s hard for me to justify writing recreationally. So, Word Nymph may have to put down her feather pen a little more often, so she can concentrate on her day job.

This also means that the new fall TV schedule will have to go on without me. I had even blocked out time from 1:00 to 2:00 this afternoon to watch the final episode of All My Children, so that I could write here about how the serial had changed since the last time I watched it (30 years ago), but I just can’t justify it. Books and mags remain neatly stacked for my return. Fall fashions will await me at Lord & Taylor, as the next personal project, making room in the closet, stands in the queue behind other obligations. I might even have to sit out National Punctuation Day this year—it’s tomorrow and, alas, I’ve made no preparations.

However, the work does yield good travel tales, as well as opportunity to observe regional language differences. Maybe I can weave an epic tale when things settle down.

While you may see less of me around here, may I rely on you to stay in touch?

Please post a comment now and then, and tell me what I’m missing:

  • How did All My Children end? Did Erica Kane find happiness? Is there peace in Pine Valley? Is Susan Lucci finally free to overindulge in Boston creme donuts and Popeyes chicken and biscuits?
  • Who’s interviewed in Vanity Fair’s latest Proust Questionnaire?
  • Is the bow blouse still (back) in fashion and will I still be able to get one?
  • Has Mark Zuckerberg caved to public outcry and put Facebook back the way we like it?

All right, I’ve procrastinated long enough.


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11 responses to “Hello, nose. Meet grindstone.

  1. Marty Welch

    The “All My Children” thing is actually a pretty big deal. What does that say about our evolving culture. I assume it will be replaced by another mindless reality show.

  2. Marty Welch

    That is so tragic and so true.

  3. Dennis Jones

    Sad if your creative writing is seen as recreational. Keep on creating.

  4. I’m the one who puts “Pro” in Procrastination. And I’ve got no excuse. Or maybe I’ve got excuses which are too embarrassing to look fully in the face. In any event, I can always find one more thing to do before getting down to the real work at hand.

    Nasty, nasty habit.

  5. Good luck! You are encouraged in spirit by many, many kindred souls who will miss the nymph, but fully understand.

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  7. Alan Dock

    You don’t know me: I am one of Dennis’ ‘Old Fart Friday Friends’! I read your recent blog, and you are not alone in putting aside enjoyable work for the earning kind. Leaving aside the hope that earning can also be enjoyable, keep your list ‘to-do’ firmly fixed on the front of your desk – you will get to it!

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