“The man turned his friend into police.”

I won’t name names, but this item caught my attention this morning.

Why did the man make news, because he betrayed a friend or because he worked an act of magic?

Tip of the day: Know the difference between “into” and “in to,” between “onto” and “on to.”

No one wants to be turned in to police, but it might be fun to be turned into police.

That’s all for today. Would anyone care to offer more examples illustrating the importance of a space?


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9 responses to “Poof!

  1. Bruce McGuire

    I turned him into police because I knew that they were onto us.

  2. Anita Lawson

    It’s not the same topic, but this brought to mind a feature report I heard on our local NPR station recently. The reporter was talking about an opening she’d attended the previous evening and mentioned that waitresses were serving drinks in short skirts. I laughed for ten minutes picturing cocktail glasses clad in little pleats!

  3. Dennis Jones

    I was reading my daughter’s (2nd grade) homework yesterday and saw “…isat…”. WIthout the space, I read ‘I sat’, but she correct me to say it was ‘is at’ 🙂

  4. That sentence requires another definite article: “The turned his friend in to the police.”

  5. Years ago there was a joke about a guy who was hitchhiking. He “tells” the story of bing picked up by a witch. “How do you know she was a witch?” a friend asks. He replies, “…because about an hour later she turned into a Motel.”

  6. Reminds me of something that makes the rounds once in a while:

  7. Dennis Jones

    I am often put upon over something even though I would prefer to be put up on something…

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