Trivia Friday

Welcome to Trivia Friday.

Word Nymph has declared this Language Trivia week. Every day of this week, Monday through Saturday, I’ve been throwing out a question. If you know the answer or would like to take a guess, do so as a Comment to that day’s post or simply wait until next Monday, when all answers will be revealed. Tomorrow is the last day. Good luck!

Today’s question:

Readers in some countries use double quotation marks that look “like this.” In others, quoted text is placed inside guillemets to set off certain portions of text. What do guillemets look like?


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2 responses to “Trivia Friday

  1. Yow! This is the first of these to stump me! (blush)
    Fun set of posts, by the way.

  2. C’est “<>”. Also used in Chinese writing. And wouldn’t you know it, it’s the sin of sins to use “Engish” quotation marks in French and Chinese. Couldn’t imagine why, could you? (Grin)

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