Trivia Wednesday

Welcome to Trivia Wednesday.

Word Nymph has declared this Language Trivia week. Every day of this week, Monday through Saturday, I’m  throwing out a question. If you know the answer or would like to take a guess, do so as a Comment to that day’s post or simply wait until next Monday, when all answers will be revealed. Good luck!

Today’s question:

What is the typographically correct term for the pound sign, or the number sign?


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3 responses to “Trivia Wednesday

  1. In UK usage, pound sign (£) always mean money and hash sign (#) for numbers. Hash is never called a pound sign in UK usage. In American usage, (#) can mean pound sign or hash sign, since (#) was/is used in lieu of (lb.) as a means to prevent the “l” in (lb.) being confused for numeral 1.

    Counter-Trivia: In Chinese usage, hash sign (#) looks almost exactly like the Chinese character for ‘water well’ (井, zheng), which is pronounced ‘jeng,’ sounding somewhere between ‘Jane’ and ‘Bo Jangles.’

    Yeah, this is stuff that printers like me have to know.

  2. Carmen

    Hash … hex …. Octothorp, octothorpe, octathorp, octatherp … or 1/2 of a “hashbang”!!!

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