Out to lunch

I’m a woman without a kitchen.

This is Day Twenty-six of the most modest of kitchen renovations, and between now and Day Twenty-nine, we’re losing all access to the kitchen, the largest room in our house and the space through which all people and pets must pass.

As I’ve told you several times already, my husband and I painted this large room ourselves, a significant feat for several reasons. It took almost a week.

Now the contractors are here to refinish the floors, a process I’m told will generate significant amounts of dust. Instead of writing my blog, I spent the morning hours removing the remaining items from the counters and sealing up all of the cabinets because, if gobs of pine dust fill my drawers, I will surely melt. I’m already teetering on the edge of sanity.

My husband is away and the plan was for the pets and me to move out for the week. I’m still not sure how that is going to work out. Ricky and Lucy are already completely confused. Every day is a scavenger hunt for their litter boxes and food dishes. I notice them consulting with each other as they approach the search.

This morning they are locked in a bedroom until I can map the next step. A ride in the car will most certainly do them in. Trust me. When this is over they’re going to need some therapy.

Meanwhile, I have newfound respect for do-it-yourself-ers and even for those who live with large home renovations executed by others. I’ve heard stories of people washing dishes in bathtubs and eating out of their microwaves in the basement for weeks and months on end. We’re not even touching cabinets or counter tops or more than one appliance, and it’s rattling.

You know that feeling when the electricity goes out and you walk in a room and try to switch on the light? And then do it again five minutes later? Any bets on how many times in the next three days I bump into plastic sheeting as I try to enter my kitchen?

I wonder what the special is at Nick’s Diner.


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5 responses to “Out to lunch

  1. Deidra Darsa

    Been there, experienced that. But, you’ll love it when it’s finished.

    • If only we didn’t have to move our ratty furniture back in there. I know, I sound like Lucy Ricardo. Need to win the lottery so we can get new counter tops, cabinets and furniture.

  2. Mom

    Grab the next flight and come on out to Phoenix! Cats and all!

  3. Pat Abrams

    If you can just get through this, all the new improvements will thrill you.

  4. Priscilla Fox-Morrill

    This is late notice, but if you want to join us for a fun Lacrosse game at RHS at 5:15, I’ll treat you to a hot dog! BTW, you should not dismiss Craig’s list for a furniture option. We just got a barely used leather Lazy Boy for 10% of it’s value!

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