It’s been real

Yesterday, the one-year anniversary of Word Nymph, I shared that I’ve been discerning the future of this blog.

As you might imagine, coming up with new ideas, researching them and writing fresh and thoughtful content six days a week requires a tremendous amount of time and energy.

Therefore, it is with a heavy heart that I announce today that I am calling it quits. It’s just too much.  I’m out of ideas. I’m out of stories, observations and opinions. There’s nothing left to write about.

Besides, after some deep soul searching, I no longer feel it is my place to correct the world’s grammar, punctuation, pronunciation and spelling. Maybe those things aren’t that important after all.

It’s been fun but it’s over. Good bye.



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17 responses to “It’s been real

  1. Sterago

    Out of opinions??? Out of ideas??? Not correct the world’s grammar?
    I didn’t buy that for one little minute, but good try Monica.

  2. William Greene

    While reading that, my mind was wondering ‘how will I ever know it is Sunday?’.

  3. NOOOOOOOOO! This is horrible news! I couldn’t even finish reading it. I’m so despondent over it that I quit my job, divorced my wife and had myself committed.

  4. Kathleen

    First thought, “No! I will help you come up with ideas, we all will! Don’t quit now Monica.”
    Second thought, “Oh no, what’s wrong. Something must be wrong. I must call Monica today.”
    Third thought (selfish yes), “Maybe the grammar elf on my shoulder will be quiet now.”
    Final thought on realizing I’d been duped, the meanest curse from my childhood, “Jerk, jerk, shut-up, shut-up.”
    Final final thought, “I’m sorry. Please don’t wash my mouth out with soap.”
    Too much exercise for the mind on this weary, snowy Friday morning. I am going back to bed.

  5. Carolyn

    You got me! It was with a heavy heart that I continued to read today’s post until the end. Thank you for posting each day. I look forward to each day’s post.

  6. Another language lover

    I am not sure if the April Fool joke is that is’s over, or that you have decided that it’s not up to you to correct everyone’s grammar. Whichever it is, I LOVE the blog, will miss it but totally understand if it’s over, and will continue to savor it if it is not. Ended or not, THANK YOU for all the effort and hours of creativity and talent that go into it–NO April fooling !

    • No, it was a joke. I will keep writing, though perhaps give myself a little leeway on the schedule. I am pretty compulsive, so we’ll see how that works out. Thanks for reading and for your nice comments. Happy April!

  7. Sue

    I never liked reading your blog anyway. I had to force myself to check my EM’s everyday so I could choose not to read your blog.

    April Fool! I love your blog!!!

  8. lifeofdeb

    You had me worried for a minute! Ha Ha Ha

  9. theveryhungrybookworm

    Hahaha! You’re brave! My April Fool’s Prank is telling students that I do, in fact, sleep under my desk. In fact, all teachers do.

  10. Patsy Grady Abrams

    You broke my heart. I really fell for it. That’s not nice to do to Mother Nature.

  11. Sheree Moyer

    Did not buy it for a second! And we would all be fools without you to keep us on our toes. “Write On” baby cakes!

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