H&R block party

In my mind, there are jobs we can do ourselves and others we should employ others to do.

I happen to be a big fan of outsourcing. Not that I have excess funds to throw around, but when I can hire someone to do something I’d do poorly, such as practicing medicine or doing home repairs, then it’s a win-win for both of us.

Today’s example: preparing taxes. If I had to let go of all the people I pay to help me get through life and keep only one, for the moment, it would be Helen at H&R Block.

Is there a more dreaded chore with even more dreaded consequences if left undone? I can’t think of any. Maybe trash collection.

Our son just did his taxes himself for the first time. For a parent, that’s right up there with tying his shoes and riding a bike. I might ask for a copy of his 1040EZ to put in the baby album.

Yesterday, we had our annual appointment with Helen. We walked out hundreds of dollars in fees poorer but with a refund on the way and a peace of mind guarantee.

It took a lot less time this year than in the past. For one thing, we have fewer funds to deal with after four years of college tuition payments. For another, both my husband, for our household, and I, for my business, have become so accustomed to the process that we have perfected our dance with Helen to a highly synchronized mambo. I wanted to high five everyone in the place on our way out.

I suppose I’m feeling a little smug today, having wrapped things up 17 days early. 

I  might even do a little dance all by myself.


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2 responses to “H&R block party

  1. Marty

    Amen sister…Helen is da bomb

  2. Polly

    Very funny, and I agree.

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