Forefather festivities

Today Americans are observing Presidents’ Day. How will you celebrate?

I cannot tell a lie. I baked a cherry pie last night. Whether or not the father of our country ever cut down a cherry tree and owned up to it isn’t really known, but it served as a good lesson for school children about the importance of telling the truth. And a darn good excuse to make cherry pie.

I imagine tours of the nation’s Presidential libraries are full today, and there are events going on here in the nation’s capital to mark the holiday.

A Facebook friend put out an invitation for favorite presidential quotes.

The Huffington Post posted 22 Ridiculous things You Didn’t Know About U.S. Presidents and The 10 Funniest Presidential Impressions.

Morning news programs ran interesting pieces about presidents, including one on the discovery of a collection of books belonging to Thomas Jefferson.

One might say that presidents, dead and alive, are doing their part to stimulate the U.S. economy. Clearance sales of everything from mattress sets to Jeep Grand Cherokees are happening all across our proud land.

Suddenly I have an urge make a rudimentary cherry tree out of red, green and brown construction paper and have cherry pie for breakfast.

Happy Presidents’ Day. Now express your patriotism and go buy a mattress.


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52 responses to “Forefather festivities

  1. i was going to hit up the outlet malls and pick up some new spring wardrobe items…though it’s sure to be a sh*tshow.

  2. I am staying home for this presidents day and languishing in the lack of phone calls despite the fact that it’s a Monday.
    It’ the simple things in life really — didn’t Washington say that?

  3. J Roycroft

    I am celebrating by working(not by choice). Nice post, congrats on FP

  4. Hey…I NEED a mattress. I will be doing my civic duty!

    (Actually, I’m taking my children to the state legislature today to watch civics in action…should be interesting.)


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  6. Does the President get the day off too? Or is it like Christmas for Santa?

  7. The real lesson of President’s Day: Holiday consolidation. I wonder how long it will be before Veteran’s and Memorial are one Day. Or, perhaps more appropriately, St. Patrick’s Day and New Year’s Eve.

    Even if these don’t come to pass, I’m optimistic that, if we have to stomach the injury-related horrors of an 18-game NFL season, it could very well mean that President’s Day will also be the Monday after the Super Bowl. That would be magical.

  8. It’s true how much commercialism surrounds Presidents Day! I am not going to buy something, just for the hell of it! Good Blog!

  9. I already have a mattress, but I also have a tidbit of presidential trivia…Do you know who the smallest president was? And how much he weighed?

    James Madison…under 100 pounds.

    CRAZY! I haven’t been under 100 pounds since the 5th grade. (Do you think he was a 5th grader?) I hope you had the day off and were able to enjoy your pie.


  10. I like your style. Cherry pies all the way! And I loved the 22 outrageous presidential facts!

  11. I have a suppliment to this article, today 10 things to celebrate president’s day

  12. Okay, as the resident history professor here’s my quiz:
    1. What are the 3 most popular names for presidents?
    2. Who is the only president elected on his birthday? [hint: he’s the only prez ever with a PhD.]
    3. What president was sworn in by his father?

    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed. Enjoy it!

  13. My kids have the whole week off, so I wasn’t even thinking of President’s Day. This is a timely reminder.
    I once saw Lincoln’s hat in a Smithsonian exhibit…with a bullet hole in it. It gave me chills.

  14. humanitarikim

    My kids are having a make-up snow day today. So I have the house ALL TO MYSELF!!

  15. Thank you for sharing these suggestions on celibrating President’s Day. I think I’ll go find a quote for my facebook status. 🙂

  16. Thank you! I think I am going to go get a pie…..Yum

  17. All County Insurance - Brea, California

    Sad to say but I had forgotten it was Presidents Day until I stumbled upon your blog AND NOW I want some cherry pie!

  18. I am celebrating President’s day at home in bed with a bad back. Reminds me of my favorite president, JFK

  19. knowledgeofnone

    Hello! I'm celebrating presidents day by watching my sister play a volleyball tournament, and guess what?? They got first!!!!

  20. Favorite: Abraham Lincoln. Actually sculpted a bust of him. Enjoy your day and congrats on becoming FP!

  21. George Washington rocked! – visit and we’ll have an ice cream

  22. We only have a PM here in Australia – no president! I enjoyed the trivia though.

  23. anonnickus

    Absolutely wicked! Good work. Did I remember to say wicked? Great post.

  24. Wesley Mcgranor

    I am celebrating by realizing our distinction on this day of George Washington’s birthday. The world toppled their kings mimicking us — and have fallen to dictators because of it.

  25. Just added a post on my blog about FDR. Happy Presidents’ Day to all.

  26. Just saw you on Freshly Pressed, my latest post has some thoughts on Presidents past and present, it’d be great if you’d have a read

  27. What’s this American holiday all about?
    2 words: car sales.

  28. It’s President’s Day and instead of admiring presidents I’m stuck in school studying.

  29. I sat around complaining about all the new snow in New York, but I did not go out and shovel —complaining with no action, isn’t that the new American way? Maybe I should run for office. Ava for President. Ava for President.
    Ha Ha.



  30. I went out and played golf as many presidents have done in the past, I just played better than most of them. I then came home and made a great calzone. I enjoyed the day off, but heck, I get the whole week.

  31. I stayed in bed until noon and listend to a piece on NPR aboout how Lincoln grew into the whole Emancipation issue. In-general I think too many businesses in this town ignored the holiday and were open as usual including banks. If the mail is shut down, Wall Street is closed and the government offices are closed, businesses and banks should shutter in honor of the Presidents as well. Hail to the Chiefs!

  32. Another way to celebrate this day is by publishing a book or simply write about that book and how this influence your life.

    Ok, in Romania, my country there was a remarkable person that a few years ago, in 1974 published a book entitled ” President at White House” The author is Camil Muresanu, is a historian, passionated by the recent history and a terrible writer.

    Please see here
    what I really want to mean.

    Have a nice day with wonderful stories and comments!

  33. Roda

    Cherry pie…one of my absolute favourites. If I was living close by I would have dared to invite myself over……drool

  34. ha ha, yeah I never understood how presidents say is a reason to have a sale, but then again whats so special about the day after thanksgiving… but now that you’ve got me day dreaming about freshly baked pie, I’ll go find myself a bakery…

  35. Eells Consulting

    We spent the day reviewing the Constitution which gives us our presidents. Always a good review to understand what it all means.

  36. The US certainly appears to be a world leader in silly holidays. (And you may want to note that there are hundreds of millions of non-USanian Americans who do not celebrate this particular day.)

    To at all have a holiday celebrating individuals due to status (say a king’s birthday) is archaic. When we go a step further and ask what most presidents have actually done, we see that they have very little to their credit. Like the typical king, they just happened to be the one out of several hundred or even thousands of conceivable candidates actually in office. (While the Catholic saints, were the stories true, show a very different character and set of deeds.) Even those who left a mark on history can be suspected of merely having been in office at the right time. I have for instance read a Lincoln biography that left him looking like a blunderer, who may have done more harm than good to the war effort (but I stress that I am aware of the possibility of a partial account). Indeed, the skills needed to become elected are not the same skills that are needed to actually run a country, overcome an economic crisis, or to win a war—and the only extraordinary ability most elected politicians ever prove is the ability to … become elected.

  37. Ali

    Well written Write-up. Glad i am able yo locate a site with some knowledge plus a great writing style.
    You keep publishing and i will continue to Keep browsing

    Thanks Again

  38. pinkbriefcase

    I’m glad to see that someone else has a little presidential nostalgia! I was wondering if everyone had forgotten that we were supposed to be honoring Washington’s birthday [even though I spent my weekend doing homework and shopping for new jeans!]. I had a sudden urge to bake a Martha Washington cake! Hope your pie was delicious.

  39. jessicabirthdoula

    I was extremely excited when my first grader came home with a book he made all about Abe Lincoln’s beard. Hope you had a fantastic President’s Day!

  40. It’s true how much commercialism surrounds Presidents Day! I am not going to buy something, just for the hell of it! Good Blog!

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