This weekend the last of the Christmas decorations will likely come down at my house. Or, more accurately, go up—to the attic.

We dragged our spruce skeleton out before New Year’s. I am guessing it was cut down around August.

The crèche should have been put away on Thursday, which was Epiphany. We’ll just say the Magi extended their trip, but they’ll head back to their Orient in the attic this afternoon. Most everything else is packed up. I hate the see the mantel garlands go, they’re so pretty, but they too will be gone soon.

The last to go will be the Christmas cards that we affix to the molding in our living room—primarily that which frames an alcove where the tree goes. The remainder of the cards spill over into doorways and such. Taking down 180-some cards will be time-consuming and bittersweet, because we’ll re-read each one, take a moment to remember each friend and look at pictures of kids we seldom see.

There are several other items that stay up all year. We don’t necessarily consider them Christmas decorations, but people tend to ask mid-year why we still have Christmas decorations out. The truth is, well, I don’t know what the truth is.

Over the years, our kitchen has developed a chili pepper theme, and there’s an iron chili pepper wall hanging that says Feliz Navidad. It’s been hanging for 20 years, as much for the peppers as for the Navidad. There’s a carved wood statue of Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus; it lives on the dining room mantel year-round. There’s a collectible Byers’ choice caroler that the family of one of my hospice patients gave me. She has a special place on a little shelf and deserves to stay out of the attic. Because our dining room is red, there are all sorts of adornments—candle holders, berry wreaths, red glass bowls and such—that could be considered Christmasy. Maybe we’ve just forgotten to put them away, or perhaps no longer even see them.

Are there knickknacks in your home that you can’t quite explain?


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5 responses to “Dechristmatization

  1. Margie

    I like snowmen. I have a number of Snowman themed Christmas decorations. They were brought out and then put away with all the other decorations UNTIL I purchased a Snowman quilt and pillow shams… The guest bedroom has a very snowy feel to it now, even in the middle of summer.

  2. Kathleen

    So long Brian Green 50 Afton Drive ditty, hello Feliz Navidad.

  3. I can picture all your reds….The best Christmas mass I ever attended was the only one, when the priest suggested we keep something(s) “out” all year…is Christmas ever really over…this year, I am keeping my Advent wreath out…

  4. and…I adore snowmen too. Especially admiring them in summer! Iced Tea is soo much colder in a snowman mug!

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