Secret Santa, Esq.

I seem to have received an anonymous gift in the mail and I am hoping I can use this forum to coax the giver into coming forward.

A few days ago, I found in my mailbox what appears to be a gift subscription to Esquire, one of my favorite magazines. I don’t currently subscribe but I delight in picking up an issue now and then at the airport. If this is indeed a year’s subscription, I’ll be thrilled.

Come to think of it, I’m afraid I recently threw away a piece of mail from Esquire, presuming it pertained to a gift subscription I gave someone else some time ago. So, Secret Santa (or Birthday Elf), if your kind gift came with a gift subscription card, please know that I stupidly trashed it and have no idea who you are. Any information leading to the identity of this thoughtful person will be rewarded by a humble, handwritten thank you note.

You may be wondering why I like Esquire in the first place. It’s a men’s magazine. In addition to enjoying the fashion ads and well-written articles about interesting political and international hot topics, I enjoy reading a man’s perspective on interpersonal relationships.

I especially enjoy the writing style of Esquire writers, finding it complements the other periodicals I read.

The January issue had me at Man at His Best (MaHB)’s The Vocabulary. A little sidebar lists words and phrases a man should never say—little boys’ room, among them. Euphemism of the Month is worth the price of subscription.

The issue includes an extensive piece on The Meaning of Life, which taps the minds of entertainment and political figures about what they’ve learned over the course of their interesting lives. I haven’t gotten to this yet, but I look forward with anticipation to reading what Robert DeNiro, Robert Duvall, Aaron Sorkin, George H.W. Bush and even Dr. Ruth Westheimer–and others–have to share.

Try getting the meaning of life from People.

I can’t wait for February.

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