In hot water

Being criticized for one’s drinking is no fun. ’Tis the season during which there is sure to be lots of both going on–drinking and criticizing.

My choice of beverages seems to generate extraordinary criticism. Restaurant servers, flight attendants, even some friends and family are taken aback when I say what I’d like to drink. Many reply with, “That’s so weird.” Then they usually try to talk me into something else.

What’s my poison? Hot water.

Even before before I gave up coffee, hot water has been my drink of choice during the day and after dinner. In a mug or cup, boiled or microwaved. No additives. Plain hot water. I love it.

Often my request is followed by “Do you want tea?” No, thank you. “Wouldn’t you like a slice of lemon?” No, thanks; just the water. “Nothing in the water?” No!  “That’s so weird.”

I get the same reaction when I order a glass of water with no ice. “Surely you’d like ice.” No. Nine servers out of 10 bring it with ice anyway, as if it’s a matter of conscience. I appreciate everyone’s concern, but no means no.

Why is hot water perceived the beverage of Martians?

Hot water is simple. It’s healthy. It’s pure. And it’s better for you than cold water. I’ve heard that drinking hot water improves blood circulation and produces less acid during digestion than cold. This time of year, it helps warm you up without the caffeine or excess acid of coffee, tea or hot chocolate. I don’t know if it’s true, but I’ve read that cold water can aggravate kidney problems and pain, while hot water can be good for the kidneys.

As a public speaking trainer, I bristle when I see a speaker take a glass of ice water to the podium. Cold water constricts the throat muscles and can actually exacerbate a tense or tickly throat, while warm water relaxes the throat.

Health benefits aside, I find hot water warming and comforting. I almost said guilt free, but when people look at me as if I have three heads, I feel like I’m in, well, hot water.

Would I be less of a social outcast if I sipped my beverage out of a martini glass?


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8 responses to “In hot water

  1. Deborah

    I get unusual reactions when dining out, when server ask “can I get you something to drink?” and I consistently respond “NO”. This seems to offend every server I encounter. They feel the need to make me drink water or something. “Would you like me to bring you some water?” “No”,
    “You don’t want anything to drink?” “No”. “Are you sure you don’t want anything to drink?” “Yes”.
    This ritual is played over and over again. Sometimes I just say bring me some water, and I let it sit on the table. It’s simplier that way.

  2. You should be Chinese – sorry, no offence meant. Just stating a common denominator.

  3. Paul Pinkston

    Sounds like you would love Stone Soup!

  4. William Greene

    Contemplating your various experiences, and the manifold benefits you mentioned, I decided to Google ‘benefits drinking hot water’. I was stunned at the number of returned references. Apparently you are not alone.
    Therefore I suggest that whenever someone challenges the rationale of your choice, simply respond “Google it”.

  5. I know how it feels to be criticized for drinking, but, um, that’s still weird. 😉

  6. I use herbal tea. Same purpose, less notable. Why do people care?

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