Woof it down

If a book is ever written about my life, it should be entitled, “Only You.”

That’s because whenever I do something extraordinarily stupid, the person I am with says, “Only you…”

This past weekend, a friend and I met at the Washington, D.C., convention center for the Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show. Or as featured celebrity chef Paula Deen called it in the TV promos, Metropolitan Cookin’ and Entertainin’ Show.

I didn’t see Paula, or Bobby Flay or Rachael Ray, because I didn’t want to shell out the hundreds of dollars their personal demos and book signings commanded.

Instead, I went on a General Admission ticket, which got me into the exhibit hall, along with the rest of the masses, who stood in long lines to taste a piece of cheese the size of a pinky nail.

It turns out that General Admission was where I belonged. You can’t take me anywhere nice.

My first mistake was to go into the hall hungry. My second mistake was to walk up to the first booth without a long line, take what looked like a delicious peanut butter cookie, and pop it in my mouth.

Just then I heard the voice of the exhibitor. “Ma’am, that’s a dog biscuit.”


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9 responses to “Woof it down

  1. Sheree

    OMG I love you!!!!

  2. Mom

    Only you! (and me)

  3. Pat Abrams

    I’m glad I’m not into cooking, just eating.

  4. Anita Lawson

    You gave me my best laugh of the day! And it could so easily have happened to me–

  5. Polly

    (still giggling)

  6. It could’ve happened to anyone- honestly! The pictures of our four legged friends were not well displayed. Had you eaten the soap you mistook for cheese…now then I would’ve been concerned?!

  7. Kathleen

    Well….how’d it taste?

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