Beg your pardon?

If you are looking for cheap amusement, plant yourself in the waiting room of any veterinary office and eavesdrop.

Of course, one person’s amusement is another one’s pet crisis, so it isn’t my intention to be insensitive.

Last Saturday afternoon, as my husband and I were waiting for our twin tuxedo cats to be seen for their annual physicals, we couldn’t help but overhear the receptionist’s conversations.

“So you say Lila needs more Prozac?”

“What kind of breathing problems is Little Bit having?” Let’s just leave it that Little Bit was neither a cat nor a dog.

I suppose I giggled too soon. The next thing I know we were being told, “Lucy is obese. She needs to go on a low carbohydrate diet so she doesn’t develop diabetes.” I guess that’s better than last year’s words from the vet,” Lucy needs dental surgery.” Perhaps if we hadn’t fixed her teeth she wouldn’t have tipped the scale at almost 17 pounds, blessherheart.

After we got instructions for getting Lucy off the Fancy Feast, the veterinary tech consoled us with heaping helpings of Halloween candy and sent us on our way. That is, after we forked over more money than at my last doctor visit. Of course, conversations at the human doctor aren’t as fun to overhear.


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3 responses to “Beg your pardon?

  1. Dianne

    You need a dog who will push your cats aside and eat all their food because it is much tastier than that diet food in his bowl….

  2. Kathleen

    No matter how under the weather your dog is there is always something to make you smile in the waiting room! Hannah, Lily and Sophie, all lovely dogs, sat waiting patiently for the vet. Across the room was Sarge, an extremely well built boxer decked out in spiked leather collar and harness, panting and leering at the women. Wish I had my camera.

  3. Deidra Darsa

    With 2 horses, I can tell you that I live in FEAR of my vet bills.

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