Word mixer

(I wish I had thought of that as a blog name.)

Do you know that game where you change one letter of a word to make a new word? It’s played everywhere from kindergaren to the Internet.

I’d like to try a variation, in which replacing a letter in a word makes its use in a sentence correct.

For example:

Incorrect:  wind one’s way home. Correct:  wend one’s way home. Unless the way is winding, we’re wending. Some say “wend” has become obsolete but, until it’s off life support, it’s correct in my book.

Incorrect:  hone in on the problem. Correct:  home in on the problem. We hone (sharpen) our skills so we can better home in on our prey. I am surprised at how many serious publications misuse “hone.”

Incorrect:  He yields a lot of influence. True, perhaps; but before he can yield it, he must wield it. 

For a slight varation on the game, insert three letters, take out one:  “I’m not one to mix words.” I am! But when I want to be polite and diplomatic, I “mince” them. Otherwise, I just serve ’em up whole.


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3 responses to “Word mixer

  1. Dennis Jones

    Nice way to start the month.

  2. Alyson

    Does it “peak” your interest when someone misuses a word? It certainly makes me sit up and take notice. Once my fit of pique has subsided, I move on.

  3. Sharon

    There seems to be a big overlap with ‘eggcorns.’

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