Burrito therapy

Yesterday was fun, reading everyone’s comments about the flavors of yore. Thanks for playing along.

I also appreciated the well wishes—online and off—for my sinus infection. I have to say, it’s been quite a miserable week. You’ve convinced me; I’ll try a Neti Pot.

I hadn’t mentioned that my son has been visiting for a few days this week. He too had a sinus and ear infection so, when he arrived, he was feeling as punk as I. We’ve been quite the pair, lying around listlessly, coughing and sniffling. I didn’t cook a single meal for him and we didn’t do a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g.

Yesterday, after two days of bland food and forced liquids, he knew what we both needed—Chipotle burritos.

There is no Chipotle within 90 miles of where he lives. We have 19 within a 10-mile radius; 20 when the new one opens in our little town this fall. Chipotle is about his favorite food. So when he’s visiting, he’s there, at least once.

I, on the other hand, never go unless I am with him. I like their food very much, but I find the ordering process a little intimidating. The menu is composed of inside terms and the line moves quickly. The people behind the counter are nice and efficient, but I still feel like a Soup Nazi customer as I bumble my way through all the choices when everyone else seems to have the process down to a science. For this reason, I order the one combo I’ve memorized – the Barbacoa Burrito Bowl, black beans, no rice, corn, lettuce and sour cream. I pass on the salsa because the descriptions are confusing and I am too timid to ask for help. It’s a little like ordering at Starbucks, where I need a glossary.

So usually, my son orders for me. Yesterday he brought back what he thought we needed for what ailed us. Plus a side of the world’s best guacamole and freshly made chips for good measure. He was dead on. Best of all, he saved me a great deal of anxiety.

The Chipotle website is tons of fun, I could hang out there all day. Bravo to their marketing team. It’s a great company with terrific food; there’s even an online order option. I just prefer not to venture into the restaurant alone.

Now on to buy a Neti Pot. Again with the choices.


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5 responses to “Burrito therapy

  1. William Greene

    Do not feel alone going through that line. Yes, this 6′ 200 lb. distinguished old man was not aware that pork came in categories. On that one time that I went by myself, I recall ordering something from the menu and just answering their questions, best I could. Not wanting to be a complete dolt, I felt compelled to at least contribute some form of personal input: “Did you wash the lettuce?”

    Now Kaye does all the ordering while I sit in the car waiting.

  2. Lou

    I’ve been to several of their restaurants in California. My nephews and nieces just breeze through the ordering process and by the time I’ve figured out what I want they are all finished eating. I seem to have that same experience in most fast food places…

  3. Sheree

    I am thrilled to know I am not alone in my Chipotle-itis. LOVE their food, cannot decipher the menu. It is an age related ailment it seems. My sons love Chipotle and seem to have no fear or hesitation in ordering. Everytime I go there I feel a big red blush coming on the minute it is my turn. For goodness sakes we are all ridiculous. We have manuevered our way through life’s obstacles and freeze in a fast food line. Gotta love us!

  4. Sheree

    Word Nymph was not delivered to my FB page today as usual. Any idea why?

  5. Joe

    Life would be so much easier if every organization operated like Chipotle. I still get the same exact burrito that I ordered my first time 5 years ago. Now if only NC would adopt the same chipotle craze as MD

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