Less is more

You probably have gathered that I enjoy digging into grammar and usage issues that are either arcane or funny.

I really could not care less about the mundane ones, and my readers have shown that they prefer the complex over the mundane–such as “I could care less.”  We’ve all known since the third grade that this is incorrect, if the intent is that one doesn’t care at all.  

I doubt anyone reading this blog wants or needs a lesson in “I couldn’t care less.”  But perhaps you know someone who does.

Let’s hope those who are rearing children are passing the lesson on to them, so the misuse of such a descriptive comment as “I couldn’t care less” isn’t perpetuated.  After all, once these children become teenagers, they will likely express the sentiment quite often, so let’s be sure they at least express it correctly.

A fellow wordie made me aware of this pre-packaged primer on the subject.  You might want to watch it with your child or view it as an amusing refresher. 

You might find yourself caring more about caring less.

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