Slipping away


Even Word Nymphs need an extended rest now and then.

This one is running off to a secluded cottage for seven days without Internet, while her permanent home is guarded by two Sumo wrestlers, an Army Ranger and Mr T.

In recent times, “sabbatical” has come to mean any extended absence in the career of an individual in order to achieve something–in this case, enjoying a little sun without burning, perfecting her Skee-Ball game, beating her husband at 500 Rummy, filling up on seafood, catching up on sleep and reading The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.

Thanks to readers who sent in their favorite summer songs, her iPod is locked and loaded for a week of sunset-gazing on an amazing ocean-front deck.

While away, the Word Nymph will be dreaming up all kinds of new wordish topics for her online forum.  She’ll also be leaving behind for her readers a favorite quote each day.  So, if you don’t subscribe, check in periodically and enjoy the words of some of her favorite writers.

If you’d like to suggest topics for future discussion, by all means, send them as Comments.

Thanks for reading.  See you on June 21st.


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4 responses to “Slipping away

  1. Joe

    Here is a list of souvenirs I will be needing from you:

    1. Nature Board (dead crab optional)
    2. A drink toy (preferably a shark or alien)
    3. A peanut butter milkshake from John’s
    4. Something tacky from Awful Arthurs
    5. some IQ tester pegs from Jolly Roger

    Have a fun time!

  2. Sheree

    As for topics…would love to hear your favorite movie lines of all time. My favorite…”The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize”. Delivered perfectly by Olivia Dukakis. I am sure there are others that have more depth, but it is always the first one that comes to this little j.a.p.’s mind. Have a great va-ca!!
    Love ya,

    • You got it; that’s a great idea. In addition to Olympia’s line you cited, my other favorite from that movie was “if you can’t say anything nice about somebody, come sit by me.” Speaking of JAPs, there are some great ones of that nature in Private Benjamin.

  3. Dennis Jones

    One topic I flagged on FB was the number of ‘villains’ who seemed to be named for their crimes, eg Maddof/Ponzi scheme, etc. Shocking number of coincidences. Enjoy time away.

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