The other woman

My husband is in love with Ms. Garmin Nüvi.  It happened the moment he heard her voice through our new GPS. 

This came as a big surprise to both of us.  He is among the last to fall for any high tech gadget.  He has the most distant relationship with his cell phone.  After four years, he has yet to record a voice mail greeting and usually doesn’t recognize when it rings that someone is calling him.  He recently bought his first home computer but, alas, after several weeks, it still has no software.  He will probably never own a Blackberry.

He bought me the Garmin nüvi for Mother’s Day, intending it would be mine alone to take on business trips. 

Last weekend we went out of town for a wedding, so we took it along to try it out.  My husband was astonished that this woman, who spoke sternly and resolutely through the speaker, knew where we were going and, further, how to get us back on course when we stopped for gas. 

When she spoke, he answered.  “Thanks, sweetheart.”  When she said to turn right, he said, “I’ll do that, sweetheart.”  “What next, sweetheart?” 

As we headed out to the various wedding events, my husband asked me whether we were taking “her” with us.  It was starting to feel like a threesome.  Only she was the one being called “sweetheart.”

After the wedding Saturday night we went back to our hotel and stepped into the elevator.  An electronic voice announced, “Going up.”  My husband gasped, “It’s her!”


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6 responses to “The other woman

  1. Sara

    Thank you for once again starting my day with a good chuckle…

  2. Gayle O.


    Thank you for making each day a bit more fun and thanks to your dear husband who’s a “sweetheart” of a guy for telling my about “WordNymph”.

  3. Pat Abrams

    Earle is in love with his Tom Tom. What does that tell you.

  4. Joe

    now if “she” were to ever combine forces with Dad’s xm radio, you would have major competition.

  5. Anita Lawson

    Love it! I know Marty only has eyes for you, but it seems his ears belong to Ms. Garmin!

  6. Deidra Darsa

    That’s hysterical and soooo Marty!

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