Imagine my expression

How many of us middle-agers have uttered a phrase in younger company that they couldn’t visualize?  For instance, “you sound like a broken record.”  Huh?

Have you noticed how some once-everyday expressions have achieved obsolescence before our very ears?

There’s a bar in my son’s college town called The Flip Side.  I’ve wondered if patrons know the old single records had two sides, Side A and “the flip side.”  Of course, considering many college kids have embraced records after all these years, this one may be legit.

Having only recently gotten rid of a television that had an actual dial, I don’t think “don’t touch that dial” seems that far off.  But the concept is.  Who cares if the viewer touches the dial?  He’s probably TiVoing another show anyway.

When was the last time you “dialed” a telephone number?  Even if it’s been 30 years, I am betting the voice mail greetings of three out of five of those over a certain age instruct callers needing immediate assistance to “dial zero.”

“Go ahead and talk, it’s your dime” is right up there with “I’ll call you tonight; will you be home?”

There have got to be more.  So shift into high gear and share any obsolete expressions that turn your crank.


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2 responses to “Imagine my expression

  1. Pat Abrams

    It’s funny cause I “dialed ” you up yesterday.

  2. Ellen

    When I want hard copies of my photos, I use Walgreens online to have them developed. Developed?

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